An Online Gambler’s Story and Day

Let me tell you a short story about Tim, a gambling addict.

Like most young adults, Tim liked watching YouTube videos about online gambling. In one video, a gambler won a large sum of money while playing online. He was so impressed with these videos that he watched them all day long.

Upon seeing them hit the jackpots so frequently, Tim was captivated. He had been influenced by YouTube gambling influencers and decided to give gambling a try.

He began playing a game called Crash which was pretty easy. You just need to put some cash in and cash out before it crashes. Firstly, he put in 25 dollars to see if he could win some money. And he won!

At first, everything seemed to be going well.

He was winning some money and racking up a profit here and there. Until he lost some money. Then, he put in some more cash to make up for what he lost. He lost that too. Then he put in more cash to make up for his previous losses and ended up losing it all.

The rush he got from every round was exhilarating. That was enough for him to deposit even more money. And keep playing again, again and again.

At that moment, he became hooked on the game.

Currently, he spends about 12 hours a day gambling. Sometimes, even more, if he is hitting some big wins. Right now, he is particularly addicted to slot machines because he thinks that’s where he can get the big jackpots.


What is a typical day like for him?

Basically, he wakes up with gambling in his mind. While he has breakfast, he watches people gamble. Then he gambles himself, spending the whole day in front of the screen. Then he goes to sleep and dreams about gambling. All his days from Monday to Friday are the same.

He is now experiencing serious financial difficulties as well.

He is currently down approximately 100 thousand dollars, but at this point, it is more important to get the rush than to make money.

When he loses, it is a very painful experience. However, when he wins, it is a very rewarding experience. It almost feels as if all his previous losses have simply disappeared.

Although in reality, he is depressed. He cannot sleep at night because of the feeling of loss and lack of money.

The ultimate goal of his gambling career is to get sponsored by a casino so he can play with its money. Most young online gamblers dream of reaching that point. But there are a few people who are lucky enough to achieve that. Getting there requires winning a lot, so he has to play with more money.

Since his funds have run out, he has taken out a loan, sold his car, and sold most of the items in his possession. Except for his computer and the connection to the internet, he is virtually without any funds.

Is he aware that his life is miserable? Does he wish to change this?

Sure. He has tried to quit many times but is unable to succeed. He knows he will not be able to succeed without assistance.

Gambling addiction has a powerful hold on people, particularly younger who do not have kids yet.