Work Addiction and General Adaptation Syndrome: What is the link?

People use the word workaholic casually to describe people who can’t seem to stop working. Since workaholics are valued in our culture, and we live in a world where money matters, we sometimes praise them. But workaholism is a pricey behavioral addiction. Despite not being regarded as a mental disorder by psychologists, workaholism is a … Read more

How work addiction affect relationships

Is work always on your mind? Do you get into arguments or fights over work? If so, you might suffer from a condition called “working addiction.” Work addiction is a problem that many people face. It can be hard to balance work and personal life, and often, work takes precedence over relationships. This can lead … Read more

How to work more effectively

If you feel like you’re always running behind, never quite able to get everything done, and could use some help making the most of your time…you’re in the right place. You might feel scattered and unorganized or have trouble focusing when you sit down to work. Your attention may be diverted by social media or … Read more

How to stay positive at work

Keeping a positive attitude at work can be tough sometimes. You’re stuck in a job you don’t love, surrounded by people who drain your energy. You’re not being paid what you’re worth and constantly being passed over for promotions. Almost every day, it feels like the world weighs on you. However, this doesn’t have to … Read more

Why it’s important to know your weaknesses

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Some people are great at sales while others are terrible at it. Some people are great leaders, while others are horrible ones. But everyone also has weaknesses. Knowing your weaknesses is essential because it helps you focus on improving yourself. It makes you aware of where you need to improve … Read more