Why alcohol isn’t the answer to anything

There are so many reasons why people drink alcohol. Some drink to socialize with friends, others to get rid of stress and relax, and others were born into a family where it was a norm. The reasons are endless, but the main reason is to escape from problems and negative feelings. 

Alcohol has sedative effects, accessible, and is more or less acceptable. That is why it is so “easy” to get addicted to it. 

We shouldn’t feel too bad if we have something to calm our nerves or to feel better at a party now and then. The problem arises when drinking is the only way to calm nerves, and we feel the urge to drink constantly, which means that we are on the path to alcoholism, a mental and physical addiction.

But let me show the story of a young guy called Peter. To understand why alcohol doesn’t work to solve the problems of life.

The story of Peter

Peter has gotten drunk almost every day since he was 14. Because of that, he’s been in a lot of trouble and embarrassing situations. His alcohol addiction has affected his relationships negatively. He’s taken advantage of people, or he’s been taken advantage of by others.

He was introduced to drunkenness and everyday drinking at a very early age. When drunk, he felt like he was an adult, and of course, he enjoyed the drunken parties with his so-called friends. The problem is that these communities are false and harmful. Alcohol brings people together and not friendship. The common interest here is to drink and make “funny” things. It’s not about the people. It’s about the drinking, the common plan.

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Most people behave undeniably stupidly when drunk and don’t even know it. In most cases, they think it’s cool. And the environment often even underpins this because it is always good to have a drinking buddy: someone to have fun with, who takes responsibility or has lots of money. That’s why they often tease you if you don’t drink with them.

The question is: Why is it good for them to make you drunk? Why isn’t it enough just to get together and have fun?

The sad truth is that these people almost always have ulterior motives.

The question is how much value such a human connection has, apart from the fact that you can post something with a few “cool” selfies. Is it worth getting drunk for that useless result? Probably not.

Alcohol calms us when we feel depressed or stressed or have other negative emotions. Alcohol may give temporary false relief, but it won’t help to overcome your negative feelings. When you get up the following day, those bad things in your soul and brain will still be there, or even stronger than before, since you feel ashamed of what you did the day before. Neither your so-called drinking friends nor alcohol helped you, again.

It is easy to recover quickly from a night of partying when you are young, and the lucky ones do not even suffer hangovers. However, that doesn’t mean alcohol doesn’t destroy your body. Psychologically it may not be easy to recover. When drunk, you can find yourself in a vulnerable or painful situation that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Your mistakes may haunt you for a lifetime.

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Moreover, adolescents are not usually considered to be alcoholics. However, if you examine adult alcoholics, you will find that they were adolescents when they began drinking.

That’s why alcohol is dangerous because it’s very addictive and has a high social acceptance, so it’s possible to become addicted without being noticed. There is no question of drinking a glass of wine, beer, or something similar. But it is up to you to be aware of the point at which alcohol is already harming your physical, mental, and spiritual health and your relationships.